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Intuitive data entry

Record data with a spreadsheet, use it like a database

We all know you use spreadsheets, whether your boss likes it or not

We provide tools that help you create and manipulate tables of data in a spreadsheet. Skip tedious copy-paste steps and transform your data with just a few clicks. For tasks you do frequently, reuse sheets as templates with a few more clicks. Either way, Tabulous can read your data directly from your spreadsheet to use for downstream analysis.

Still good ol' spreadsheets
Import instrument data
Pivot for easy viewing
Automatic data validation
Faster insights

Analyze your data with the help of an AI assistant

Did you know it takes 11 clicks to add error bars in Excel?

We make it easy to create sophisticated visualizations by simply chatting with an AI assistant. And any figure you create in Tabulous can be retrieved, right down to the data and code that generated it.

No code skills required
Rich, interactive plots
Automated data joining
Figures link to source data
Simple File Management

Keep your files organized without the overhead

/Projects/CRISPR/data/processed/2023/08/04/temp/results-final2.csv 😵‍💫

In staying organized, sometimes less is more. We store the data you work with and the figures you generate in simple, consistent folders accessible through Google Drive, so everything is where you need it when you need it.

Simple file structure
Automatic desktop syncing
Store anything
Share with your team
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